Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bangalore Buzz

Lots happening in Bangalore always, any day. But a few of the events which recently caught my eye:

1) The organic fair organized at Lalbagh by Jaivik Krishik Society was a huge success

2) The Bangalore Silk Utsav 2010 and Hewels of India exhibitions, right in time for Diwali

3) Endhiran running in more theaters and becoming a bigger hit than local Kannada movies.

My Child & I

Second-born has been using an oft used phrase "Open the Door" in all apt (to him) situations.

1) To get us open the laptop

2) To help him open his snack-box

3) While opening the water-closet seat

one more to the list, recenly

4) To unlock the highchair or car-seat

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Child & I

After a wonderful fortnight with the grand-kids , Grandma is preparing the boys for her departure that evening.

Grandma: " So, next time I shall tell you more stories, OK?"

Firstborn: " But Appatha (grandma), why do you have to leave?"

Me: "Because Appatha has to go help and take care of Ayya (grandpa)"

Firstborn (curiously): "Why, only small boys need help - ayya is a big boy ! "

Me: "But appatha is ayya's wife right?"

Firstborn (surprised) : " Really?? appatha is married to ayya?!"

(After a pause)

Firstborn: " But ayya could just come here and that way appatha need not go and we will all live as a joint family, happily ever after!"

Grandma: "Sounds good! You call ayya and tell him that"

Firstborn rings grand-pa and starts chatting.

Firstborn: " Ayya, I cannot send appatha- You just have to come here to Bangalore!"

Grandpa (over the phone- teasingly): "But I am old, I don't want to travel..."

Firstborn: " What is Old?"

Grandpa: " Um... "

Firstborn: " Like the lion in the story-who is tired, can't run fast and needs help to find food? And appatha will help you find food as you're old and she's your wife?"

Enough (stories) Said!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Child & I

Story in progress during bedtime.

"So, the king went hunting..."

"For Easter eggs?"

"No... for animals!"

"Like Easter Bunny, so he can ask him where to find the Easter eggs or Ducks which lay the Easter eggs?"

" Well... let's sleep now"

(So much for hiding all the Easter candy from the kiddos)

Read, Rent, Return (and Buy for awhile) - Just Books

Public/Government Libraries: What's that?

Used book store: Not in your area...

Landmark/Crossword: Can't buy them all ?!

For kids & us: You read books other than for the children?

After the above discussions with some friends- The reader, that's me, had almost given up on finding a good library- until the book-Gods finally answered my prayers and I discovered -
Just Books.

Just Books (JB) simply put is a lending library with a vast collection of in-good condition books.
We have been members since July at the Kalyan Nagar branch and are happy to finally find our favorite books & magazines at an easy reach.

  • Lots of branches- located in almost all prime areas
  • Many choice of plans- for both books & magazines
  • Various languages and genre of books
  • Offer door delivery (for certain plans)
  • A reading room/space
  • Children 's activities / workshops
  • Online catalog to browse & choose books for your queue/ cart
  • Monthly e-Newsletters on latest books/authors et al
  • Material could be borrowed/ dropped off at any of the JB locations
  • If a book is unavailable at your JB, it'd be brought from another JB for you
  • The door delivery is prompt- order in the 'noon, delivery in the evening
Could Improve:

  • The Online catalog ordering still needs work
  • The staff's catalog and the patron's does not match
  • Staff is not familiar with regional language books
  • Latest copies of magazines are not easily available
The Kalyan Nagar JB is currently holding a Book Fair (see flier).

And, did I remind about the "Just Refer" referral program ? *hint*