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Plays at Ranga Shankara

Moog Masala
Kannada Play
Play Wright : Vaikam Mohammed Bashir
Director : Kriyative Team / Joseph
Troupe : Kriyative Theatre, Bengaluru
Kriyative Theatre, a group which believes in combining comedy with artistic excellence and social concern, has come up with yet another wholesome entertainer. Their brand new comedy, Moog Masala is sure to have you rolling in splits of laughter. The play, directed by Joseph, (director of popular comedies like ‘Ratnan Parpancha’ and ‘Gundayana’ by the same group) is based on a short story written by the famous Malayalam writer, Vaikom Mohammed Bashir. It revolves around a variety of responses to a man’s nose. You have to see the play to believe the infinite possibilities of what a long nose can represent and the ways in which it can impact the lives of different people.
A word of warning though! Come only if you have a heart strong enough to withstand the strain of laughing too much!
Duration : 85 Mins
16th & 17th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Runavemba Suthakavu
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : M C Anand
Director : M C Anand
Troupe : Sinchana, Bengaluru
Duration : 90 mins
Thursday | 18th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Internal Affairs
English Play,
Play Wright : Adhir Bhat
Director : Bobby Nagra / Adhaar Khurana
Troupe : Akvarious Productions, Mumbai
Duration : 80 mins
19th to 21st December 2014 | 7:30 pm
(also Two Shows at 3.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday)
* * *
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : Prasanna
Director : Joseph
Troupe : Sanchaya, Bengaluru
Duration : 90 mins
Tuesday | 23rd December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Illa Andhre Idhe
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : Shylesh Kumar
Director : Sushma S V
Troupe : Thema, Bengaluru
Duration : 65 mins
Wednesday | 24th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : T S Eliot
Director : Vishwanath Mirli, H S Umesh
Troupe : Samtantho, Mysore
Duration : 120 mins
Thursday | 25th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : H S Venkateshmurthy
Director : Manjunath L Badiger
Troupe : Samashti, Bengaluru
Duration : 100 mins
Friday | 26th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
English Play,
(also at 3.30 pm)
Play Wright : Swetanshu Bora
Director : Swetanshu Bora
Troupe : Dramanon, Bengaluru
‘Pagdi’ explores the place of history in modern life. How much should and can a modern man acknowledge and value history, and what are the repercussions of ignoring it? Written in the first person, the play recounts the life of a Sikh man who chases the world of opportunities and wealth. It asks: What did he achieve and what did he have to give up on this journey?
The play received the 2013 Toto Funds the Arts award for creative writing in English.
Duration : 70 mins
Saturday | 27th December 2014 | 7:30 pm & 3.30 pm (Two Shows)
* * *
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : Dr. Chandrashekara Kambara, B Jayashree, R Prathima
Director : B Jayashree
Troupe : Spandana, Bengaluru
The theme of the play is the progress of destruction of the myths embedded in the life of a village. The drama begins with a murder. Gudsikara,the English educated man who is influenced by modernization argues that the case should be taken to courts in city. Whereas the elderly villagers,who see goddess KARIMAYI in every details of their lives, argue that the case could be settled within the village . As the gulf between the two widen the relations between individuals crack. An enraged Gudsikara loses his bearing and brings in Basavaraju and Chimna from Belgaum. The villagers look at KARIMAYI as the very center of their lives and the city-bred look at her as gold fetching god. These very people become responsible for the destruction of the ‘myth’. The play wright employs the Bayalaata ( A distinguished from of folk theatre in Karnataka ) technique and it is indeed a great achievement on the part of director, Smt. B.jayashree, who has transformed the play into a ‘truly remarkable experience’.
Duration : 120 mins
Sunday | 28th December 2014 | 7:30 pm & 3.30 pm (Two Shows)
* * *
Bengali Play,
Play Wright : Indrasis Lahiri
Director : Sayandeb Bhattacharya
Troupe : SmaranniK, Bengaluru
Drishtikanya, a comedy of illusions is the latest play from the director of ”Sadichha-r Rangbadal”, ”Simantini”, and ”Dui Hujurer Gappo’. It revolves around Tamasa, a blind lady who regains her lost eye-sight after 8 long years in a cabin of Bright Health Nursing Home.
As the bandages are removed, Tamasa sees everything – or rather, everyone – entirely differently; every human face appears to be that of an animal! Her apparently loving husband, the caring nurse, her noble father-in-law, everyone has an animal face. Innocently blurting out what she sees, Tamasa becomes a mirror reflecting unpalatable truths to everyone – creating confusion, frustration, drawing ire – all at once. Many hilarious situations are crafted on stage as the drama slowly progresses revolving around Tamasa’s strange vision and her relationship with each of the characters.
Duration : 140 mins
Tuesday | 30th December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Mysooru Mallige
Kannada Play,
Play Wright : Rajendra Karanth (based on K S Narasimhaswamy’s poems)
Director : Dr. B V Rajaram
Troupe : Kalagangotri, Bengaluru
The play is composed using K.S.Narasimhaswamy’s poems which is a feast to every individual who enjoys a combination of music,dance,drama and a lot of emotions.It deals with every other poet’s life who has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life. It is a treat to the people who relish theatre.
Duration : 120 mins
Wednesday | 31st December 2014 | 7:30 pm
* * *
Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross,
(Next to J P Nagar Post Office)
2nd Phase, J P Nagar,
Bengaluru 560 078.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Big Foodie Fiesta Season 2 (at 1 MG Road Mall & Lido Mall)

The Big Foodie Fiesta Season 2 - Event Schedule

5 December 2014, 6 pm to 8 pm at Lido Mall : Ciroc Vodka Cocktail Demos at Blimey
6 December 2014, 6 pm to 7 pm at Lido Mall : Experience the art of making Pizzas and Burgers, the TGIF way at TGI Fridays.
7 December 2014, 6 pm to 7 pm at 1 MG Road Mall : Cocktail and Mocktail Demos at TGIF.
12 December 2014, 5 pm to 6 pm at Lido Mall : Chef Studio - Signature Grills at Barbeque Nation
13 December 2014, 5 pm to 6 pm at 1 MG Road Mall : Chef Studio - Kerala Cuisine at Fort Kochi
14 December 2014, 5 pm to 6 pm at 1 MG Road Mall : Chef Studio - Pasta Making Class at Food Hall

Cycle Day : Malleshwaram

7th Bengaluru International Film Festival 2014

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Indian Ocean & Shubha Mudgal in Concert

Indian Ocean & Shubha Mudgal in Concert

12th Global Gita Conference

12th Global Gita Conference


‘ANU’ feat ‘Girls Only’ A Children’s Play about a Change of Heart by Girls only


For ages 8 and above
Tickets : 250
Language : English

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