Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silk Mark Expo 2010

Discover the fabulous world of Pure Silk at the Silk Mark Expo 2010.

Come and explore a vast exposition and sale of India's finest, purest silk products, showcased by authorized silk mark retailers, manufacturers and exporters from all over India.

Tripura Vasini, Palace Grounds, Bangalore
Date: 15-20 Dec, 2010
Time: 11am-8pm
Entry Fee: Rs.30

Learn more about Silk Mark and the event.

In ode to Bro

Is it a blessing to have a Brother?

Well, that leads to many other branching questions such as- whether they are younger or elder to you, how many you have and whether you also have another sister in the picture etc.

Here's my equation: I am a lone sister with two younger brothers (who're practically like twins, as they are only 1.5 yrs apart and kinda look alike too)

And to get to a good conclusion, let's rewind back to my childhood (and my brothers' too of course)-I know you don't have time for this as this was quite awhile ago, but please have mercy and hear me out!

Bro's Top 5 , Then:

1) The teachers at school knew me very well- my Music/Tamil achievements were outdone by my brothers' with their behavioral/handwriting skills.

2) I maintained a good BMI
a) Never sat through an entire meal ever without a fight and I always left the plat(c)e unfinished
b) Sweets always went missing from my stash.

3) Got to study each grade thrice for free- by helping (sic) handling them/their friends (for free, of course)

4) Was well trained at hide & seek a.k.a lost & found, passing the parcel/ tug of war a.k.a my dear things and grin & bear it.

5) Got towering (literally!) unwelcome body-guards during outings

Add to the above: Forgetting phone messages, empty fridge water bottles, piling undone chores and being teased mercilessly.

Alright, setting time machine back to "Present" where all of us are grow(a)n-ups.
Have 2 boys of my own now- reincarnating my brothers.
With all the training over the years am handling drama(n)dy with ease.

Bro's Top 5, Now:

1) Make their bike/car route via my destination, be it ice-cream, mall, concert - (check)

2) Listen to my never ending banter about anything and everything (Note: In his cell phone / calling card minutes) - (check)

3) Reminisce & recollect good times, praise your outfit/dish, bring a smile on my face even on the busiest day - (check)

4) Dote on my kids and play "Maama" perfect to the T - (check)

a) Brought the lovely "Maamis" (read, sisters for me) into the picture - (double check)

b) Entitled me becoming proud "Aththai" - (triple check)

5) Still act (and tower-over) as body-guards, as & when needed

Thee Brother is thus make you love thy Boys and Bring thy Blessings (& Body-guards)!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Child & I

Firstborn is back from school and mom is looking through his time-table.

Mom: " So, how was craft class; did you make something new?"

Firstborn: " Craft miss showed how to make an origami cat. But I didn't make one"

Mom: " Why is that?"

Firstborn: " Because I didn't have the origami color paper"

Mom: " Kanna, you never told me you needed one..."

Firstborn: " Well, I am telling you now!"

He said it!

(Per Rajni punch: Late-a sonnalum, Latest-a sonnan)

Jadugar Karan Magic show

Renowned magician Jadugar Karan will weave his magic in Bangalore .

Each show begins with Karan riding a motorcycle on screen, suddenly applying the brakes and emerging from it amid thunderous applause from the audience. Other tricks include rain of rupees, geometrical box, spider man, head chopping, bringing a shadow to life, cutting a man into pieces, floating lady and vanishing performer.

Where: Town Hall
JC Road, Near Putanna Chetty Town Hall/Ravindra Kalashetra
Bengaluru, India

When: Dec 19th to Jan 16th, 2011 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
4:00 pm & 7:00 pm (Event duration: 2:00 hrs)

Pricing : Rs. 200, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 & Rs. 750.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Child & I

As important as it is to introduce one's mother tongue to a child, I would place equal importance in getting the young one discover the magic that is Super Star Rajinikanth.

It's never too early to start with some things and so we huddled both the boys to watch Rajini's latest mega hit "Endhiran- The Robot".

It was a 9pm show and we didn't expect the boys to be awake past 10pm; but such was the magic of the Super Star, there wasn't a blink until 11:30pm.

The pure joy in the eyes of my second-born turned mine misty- The Thailaivar now has another ardent fan to his cap. And what more can I ask for, he now chants "Chitti! Robot-Da!!!"

First born was very curious and was asking Dad several questions of why, what and how during the movie?

A quick snippet:

(The Robot Chitti is disassembled by the Scientist fearing negative consequences)

Firstborn: "Why Appa, why did he break Chitti?"

Dad: "Because..."

Firstborn (hurriedly, showing off): " I remember, he broke the TV of the Scientist instead of switching it on. That's why, right?"

Dad (Nods with a smile)

First born now hums " Oh! Baby" from the movie.

For the love of Rajini -The One and Only Super Star!

Times Kids World 2010

Times presents Kids World 2010. The Biggest and Best Children Products Exhibition and Sale. Over 100 companies displaying range a massive range of children products, Educational Aids, Interactive Learning, School Stationery, Toys,Games, accessories and other related products.

Location: Palace Grounds, Gayathri Vihar, (In Covered Hangar), Bangalore.

Date: 16th – 19th December,2010

10:30 A.M - 8:30 P.M

for more details on the products, booths and contests.