Friday, May 27, 2011

A R Rahman in Concert at Palace Grounds

Catch A.R.Rahman Live in Concert, the musical genius, the ‘Mozart of Madras’.

The event will include a majestic stage,
enthralling performance and a unique feature with AV Screens across palace grounds showcasing the concert in 3D.

On: Sunday 29th May 2011

At: Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Time: 7:00pm onwards

Rs.10000 (Seating with served food & beverages)
Rs.5000(Seating with served food & beverages)
Rs.1000(Non seating & shall have 3D projection)
Rs.500(Non seating & shall have 3D projection)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Child & I

Boys enjoying a summer afternoon with Grandpa.

Firstborn: " Ayya, can you bring both your eyeballs peer at your nose?" (demonstrates)

Grandpa: " I can do that (demo), and I can touch my nose-tip with my tongue!" (demo again)

Second born observes all this and gleefully touches firstborn's nose with his (!?) tongue and also goes on to touch his ears with his (very flexible) feet.

Before Firstborn's feet almost made it to his mouth- I called a halt to all the fun!