Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tall guy at the Library

Being the petite person that I am, get thrilled seeing people who can reach books on a higher shelf without having to use the step-up ladder or bothering a library-attendant.

Spotted a guy who's towering above me, standing in the library check out line.

Me (Politely): " Am sure you get this a lot, but how tall are you, sir?"

Tall-Guy (Show off voice): "6 feet 7 inches!"

Me: "That's so cool- I am so short (point at my 2yr old in the stroller) He could be taller than me next year!"

Tall Guy (sincere voice): "Really?" (and gives my toddler a look of surprise)

Me (hurriedly): "Well, that was a joke!"

Tall Guy (sheepish voice): " Yeah.. I thought so.."

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