Friday, June 27, 2014

Kala Sammelana – 2014

An Handicraft and #Handloom Exhibition cum sale
Organized by
Abhimaan Craft Society

Arts and Crafts are the examples of our Indian heritage. Several handicraft techniques can be seen in different places of India. Every state has its own handicraft techniques for making art and craft products.
People who have been preserving the talent and the traditions of making Indian #handicrafts goods and the Government appreciate their efforts to keep classical art alive and rewarded by various National Awards. Time to time government organize exhibitions and crafts fairs to promote Indian Art and Crafts every year.

Abhimaan Craft Society is also one such organization where they help the Artisans to promote and sell their crarft based goods directly to the consumers in different places.

This exhibition has 60 stalls with Unique #artsandcrafts for sale from remote villages
The objectives of the Kala Sammelana is to provide direct market opportunites to rural artisan communities thereby eliminating the intermediary (middlemen) and to promote Cultural Tourism

KalaSammelana – 2014
27th June to 6th July 2014
10am to 8pm
Kumarakrupa Road,
Kumara Park East,

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