Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unhurried Walks: June 2014

Lalbagh Walk

Rolling out the red carpet: An unhurried walk in the urban haven of Lalbagh.

Bangalore's most popular tourist destination, Lalbagh, is often thought of as a large boring park, which it may seem. Walk with us to discover the treasure that is Lalbagh, as we take you through the sand, stone and waters of Lalbagh, our Tipu Sultan's pleasure paradise!
Commissioned by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan, Lalbagh was the ruler's personal garden, a statement of power and extravagance. Around one of Kempe Gowda's towers, Lalbagh has since acquired a large range of horticultural samples, a beautiful glass house and India's first lawn-clock. Today, it is not just a botanical garden but is also one of the few green spaces left in the increasingly polluted 'garden city'.
Join us as we step into pockets of silence and bloom right within the corporate jungle that is Bangalore. Listen to stories from the past, myths associated with the park and personal anecdotes that help understand Lalbagh better.

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29 Jun '2014, 07:00 am to 09:00 am
Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens.
Entry :
550 including snacks. 


Mi casa su casa: Visits to Bangalore's century old Bungalows
Since the capture of Bangalore from the unwavering clutches of Tipu Sultan, several British families have made Bangalore their home. The flourishing cantonment north of the beautiful Cubbon Park was almost British in its making: wide roads lined by trees, locally brewed foreign alcohol, the early entry of cars and the Bungalows they were parked in. With wide garden space around the house, built in typical British grandeur, tall roofs to allow air to come in, the now slowly disappearing old Bungalows of the city tell the tales of the needs, preferences and culture of the time.

Soaking in the old world charm of Richards Town, catch a breath of fresh air and some snippets of local history in the verdant Richards Park. Also to see are a few pretty yesteryear villas and local churches in the idyllic settings of aPaulogy, a unique gallery that takes viewers back to Bangalore of the 70s.
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