Friday, July 11, 2014

Raagas Everywhere – by Prakash Sontakke

This is a story of a cosmopolitan child exposed to every form of music and finally discovering the roots of all the musical forms through Raagas.

Raaga is a musical theme created by a specific set of notes to bring out mood, season, and time. A unique concert of classical and semi-classical styles, Raagas Everywhere, was held at Bangalore International Centre recently to make people understand the importance of raagas in our daily lives and how they have become an intrinsic part of every genre of music.

It was a different kind of experience with Western and Hindustani classical, Bollywood, Sufi, Folk and many other musical forms reverberating all across the venue and enthralling the music lovers.
Explaining the concept of raagas through the art of story telling, music lover and creative writer Veena Prasad who narrated this concept beautifully, spun the story of a boy and a girl in love with each other and discovering raagas everywhere.

Veena Prasad – Narration
Prakash Sontakke – Concept, Theme, Vocals
Chitra Sontakke – Vocals
Priya Nandini -Vocals
Sneha Bharat – Western Vocals
Vid Kiran M S – Tabla
Vid P S Rohit – Djembe and Percussions
Vid Bharath Bevinahally – Lead Guitar
For 8 years and above.
Tickets : 300/-

Friday | July 11 2014 | 8 pm

Jagriti Theatre
Palm Meadows, 
Varthur Main Rd, 
Bangalore 560066

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