Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SAMA 2014 Annual Conference


  1. The trust has been functional since four years and encouraging the skills and talents of school children by way of competitions on an all India basis.
  2. Various programs in music, linguistics, mathematics,  shloka chanting, pencil sketching, cartooning, hand writing, clay modelling, and yoga, to bring out the talents and abilities of children have been highly successful.
  3. As an initiative to spread music, art and culture among children, our academy has given an opportunity by selecting many talented children from different schools to perform on stage.
  4. Academy has also released a special book titled “Know about your Violin” in the year 2012.
  5. The academy has brought out two music albums,to spread  awareness about music.
  6. Distributed thousands of CDs and books related to music, art and culture to school children.
  7. Invited eminent scholars to give lecture demonstrations, lectures on various topics like “Indian cultural consciousness”, “Vedic mathematics”, “Amazon forest”, “Indian music”.etc.
  8. Since 2013, our academy has been hosting marathon twelve hour music festivals by inviting international artistes to perform on stage focusing on Indian cultural heritage and to spread the awareness on the present standards of music.
  9. Academy stands proud to mention the prizes distributed to winners of various competitions- electronic tanpura, veena, flute, violin, computer, electronic printer, scanner, tablet, pen-drive, books, DVDs and CDs to encourage the young talented in science, art and music, during the years 2009 to 2013.
  10. The academy intends to do much more in the field of science,art, music and culture along with inculcating discipline and creating awareness about societal responsibilities among the youth.

SAMA (Sri Academy of Music and Arts) is the brain child of Dr. Raghuram, in memory of his mother M.R. Vijayalakshmi. SAMA is a registered trust with a primary goal of promoting Music, Art & Indian Culture across communities and with a special focus on children. 

SAMA intends to extend its wings using various possible methods to create awareness about the intellectual aspects of Music, Art & Indian culture. SAMA intends to create platforms for the young and deserving children to know more about the cultural aspects and also to nurture and bring out the hidden talents in them.
SAMA's Activities

SAMA offers scholarships in the form of free music classes during the week end for some of the financially underprivileged students through known source or reference.

SAMA also has started conducting workshops on different aspects of our Indian culture to encourage children. 

Every year the trust conducts contests for children in the various types of Music, Art & Indian culture. The top performers are awarded with violin, veena & flute in memory of Anoor Ramakrishna & Ulsoor Chandrashekhar. Anoor Ramakrishna & Ulsoor ChandraShekhar were famous violin artistes of Karnataka who have contributed with their own styles & also trained many musicians all over the world.

Sri Academy of Music and Arts
#528, 1st floor, 27th main, JP Nagar, Near water tank, Bangalore - 78 | raghuramolin@gmail.com
Sri Academy of Music & Arts
Dr. R. Raghuram
#528, Ist floor, 27th main, J. P. Nagar, 
Near- Water Tank / off 24th main, Bangalore – 560078,
Email: raghuramolin@gmail.com
Phone: 9449346638/9591949802

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