Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bhoomija's Children's Carnatic Choir

Bhoomija's Children's Carnatic Choir '14

CCC '14 is directed by the energetic and celebrated child prodigy, Abhishek Raghuram. 20 singing angels, a prodigious 15-year-old violinist, a 17-year-old Morsing enthusiast and other young percussionists. With Abhishek Raghuram on the stage, conducting the exquisite repertoire he has put together and trained them on for months now, and challenging them into a duel with him.

Mallika Prasad is the Creative Director of CCC '14. Sonali and Himanshu of The Hidden Harmony have designed the costumes and Dipti Sudhindra of The Jewelry Project, the jewellery for the children. Pooja Jagadeesh has designed the creatives.

Bhoomija's Children's Carnatic Choir is a fundraiser for Drishti, an eye care hospital working in underserved markets. Funds from the Choir go to their free cataract surgery drive. This year, the aim is to raise funds for 1,000 surgeries. Green Channel Logistics Centre is the generous sponsor of CCC '14.

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