Thursday, October 30, 2014

AIM for Seva Presents Yatra by Malavika Sarukkai

AIM-for-Seva-Presents-Yatra-by-Malavika-Sarukkai - Play - Bangalore-1
 IM (All India Movement) for Seva is an NGO working to improve rural education. Realising that the principal barrier for rural children to attend school was access, AIM for Seva began to build Chatralayas or Free Student Homes(FSH) near schools to accomodate disadvantaged students. Today, the movement is spread across 15 states and has carried out over 130 projects to help rural and tribal children gain education. We house 3,000 resident students and an additional 30,000 others are being benefited. We plan to build 200 more such homes by 2020 in India s most remote and under served areas. Your financial, moral, and physical support will help achieve this target.

Dance, Concept and Choreography by Malavika Sarukkai. Another landmark presentation by renowned danseuse Malavika Sarukkai, Yatra describes a journey from the stillness of potentiality to the immense dynamism of spirituality, before coming full circle to rest once more in the womb of silence.The choreographies in Yatra are a form of dynamic meditation wherein the sacred is invoked in the dancing body and the space around it. The dance shifts from being a ‘performance’ to that of ‘experience’ both for dancer and the audience. Musically, Yatra traverses Sanskrit verses in the great tradition of the Srimad Bhagavatam to contemporary poetry. Malavika Sarukkai's work is celebrated by critics, connoisseurs and the general public alike, and her contribution to classical dance is acknowledged in the form of several awards including the Padmashree from the President of India.
Entry Passes : from Rs.500 to Rs. 2000

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