Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Carnatic Music Story - Journey Across Composers

Auditorium, Bangalore International Centre TERI Complex, 4th Main, 2nd Cross, Domlur II Stage, Bangalore – 560 071

About the theme
Carnatic Music derives its vast richness primarily through a treasure trove of compositions or "Kalpitha Sangeetham". Our composers have given us a large repertoire of compositional forms, raga interpretations, laya (rhythm) variations, languages and emotions. Different composers have interpreted the same raga differently; even the same composer has interpreted the raga differently in different compositions. This sheer variety and depth has shaped our understanding of ragas and of music at large. We hope to try and put ourselves in the minds of our great composers ("Vaggeyakaras") - could be pre-Trinity composers, the Trinity themselves, post Trinity composers and many rich contemporary composers.
We hope to - through this performance - undertake this journey how Carnatic Music has evolved over a period of time, how "composed music" by the greats really form the foundation of this great art form. The compositional content in Carnatic Music is sacrosanct and it also aids in the "kalpana" sangitam or the "creative" part of Carnatic Music.

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