Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Special Children's Day Celebration at Urban Solace

This November, Urban Solace as part of its Children’s Day Celebrations brings you a very special 3 part feature.
  • Part 1: Book reading from “Adopted Miracles by Anamika Mukherjee”
  • Part 2: Monologue by Siddhanth Sundar “The Outside Child - Abandoned Child and the World”
  • Part 3: A photo exhibition of orphan children from “Sharon Ministries of Tribals”.  The collection is titled “The Miracle of Adoption” and is the creative work of photographer Shilpa Raj.
About the author and book
"Adopted Miracles is the story of Anamika’s journey to have a family. It is an intensely personal and almost brutally honest narrative of her and her husband’s struggle with infertility, their decision to adopt, and their experience of the adoption process. With this book, Anamika hopes to reach out to other people in India who are considering adoption. The message she hopes to convey is: Yes, you can do it; yes, it will work out; and yes, you will love your adopted child as your own.”
Event Highlights
  • Book Reading by the author
  • Discussion on the book
  • Get a glimpse into the soul of the author 
  • Books on Sale
  • Book Signing
Special Attractions
Siddhanth Sundar
Siddhanth is a singer, song writer, poet, script writer, actor and diector among other things... As part of our Children’s Day Celebration will deliver a monologe titled “The Outside Child - Abandoned Child and the World” during the book reading.
The Miracle of Adoption
As part of our Children’s Day Celebration and in keeping with the theme of our book of the month, “Art @ Urban Solace - The Gallery for Creative Visual Self Expression” presents a collection of photographs by Shilpa Raj featuring the children from Sharon Ministries of Tribals. The exhibition will be on till November 30th. The collection is titled “ The Miracle of Adoption”

16 Nov '2014, 11:30 am to 02:00 pm
Urban Solace, 32, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Bangalore 560 042 (Opp Ulsoor Lake)
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