Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A penny to ponder...Happy New Year!

Mom is catching up with a school friend who is now a successful business-owner.

Friend: "So, the kids are at school most of the day. How do you spend time?"

Mom: " Well, am attending Yoga classes, practice music or read a book- whatever catches my fancy"

Friend: " Hobbies! Um... what else do you do?"

Mom: " My blog covers events across Bangalore and I volunteer with a women's self help group"

Friend: " Does any of this make money?"

Mom : " No, but they keep me happy!"

Friend: "How can something make you happy if there are not financial gains or monetary returns? "

I saved my breath from having to explain myself that Money isn't the be-all & end-all!

And here I vow to step into the New Year and only do things which shall keep me in high spirits but don't cost (or give) a penny!

Yoga/books/music:   Physical, Mental and Spiritual health
Blog / Volunteer:      Community and Social well-being
Being with my Boys :  Happiness Abound!

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