Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bhoomi – Salt of the Earth Piah Dance Company

Bhoomi, a young woman born and raised in the land of Gujarat is stepping into the happy and innocent world of matrimony. After a teary farewell to her family and friends, the love of her husband and a new life beckons. She embraces the bond of marriage with joy in her heart.

They say old bonds never die. She happily visits the land of her childhood to spend some days reliving old memories. Her family, her friends, her protective brother Gema, she is surrounded by love and care.
But one day tragedy strikes. Beera, the most evil dacoit ever born is on the prowl. And he has never known mercy. She has to make a perilous journey through the wicked wilderness of Kutchh. Her husband and his kingdom await. She makes the brave choice of crossing the dreaded desert in the darkness of the night.
Will Beera capture her?

What is it that breaks Bhoomi’s spirit so much that she turns from a simple woman to an avenging warrior?

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