Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Green Bazaar- 9

The much loved Green Bazaar is back with its 9th Edition! This time, The Green Bazaar- 9 partners with Whitefield Rising to you the Whitefield Eco Habba on Sunday, February 22nd, at Herbs and Spices, Whitefield.
Traffic, water, garbage, toxic lakes…Whitefield has many of the same teething problems as other neighbourhoods in rapidly expanding Bangalore, but it is also home to a strong network of true heroes who care for their neighbourhood and work to make it better. Tree-huggers, lake-saviours, spot-fixing civic activists, composting-queens, animal-rescuers, craft goddesses, geek-turned-kitchen-gardeners—the community has champions of every stripe. Come say hello to them at Eco Habba, the largest community gathering of its kind, and get inspired! Join the movement for a better Bangalore and start your own in your neighbourhood.
Spend this lovely springtime Sunday outdoors, at The Green Bazaar- 9, Eco Habba and take a break from the usual mall-movie routine. Buy earth friendly products, attend expert talks, sign up for DIY workshops, watch your kids participate in learn and play activities, sample yummy, healthy food, watch films, live performances and join the conversation around vibrant, sustainable, earth friendly living in Whitefield!
Registration is compulsory for all workshops. Click here to register 
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The Green Bazaar 9, Eco Habba, Whitefield
The Green Bazaar 9, Eco Habba, Whitefield


Want to start your own little terrace garden? Have questions on composting for our waste management gurus? Want to get involved in lake rejuvenation efforts in your area? Or maybe you want to learn more about artisanal breads, the Sustainability Lab is the one place where adults can build a range of skills needed to practice a more earth friendly lifestyle.
Click Here to register for the workshops. All workshops for adults are open to children above 15 years of age.
Sustainability Lab
Timings Workshop
11 am – 12 pm Fruits, Shoots and Leaves: Priya Anand one of Whitefield’s top kitchen gardeners shares her tips for starting your own terrace garden.
12 pm – 1 pm 2 X H2OSmarter Dharma gives you an intro into smarter solutions for Water Recycling in your community. A chance to meet with experts in the field and kickstart activities related to water reuse and lake rejuvenation in your building or neighbourhood.
2 pm – 3:30 pm Mighty Millets, Cooking Demo: Get a new superpower by learning to cooking with healthy, homegrown, underrated, mighty millets. Live cooking demo with Preeta who will demo Salads, Pulao, Bisibelebhath, Upma, Vangibhath, Dosas, Idlis and Rottis!
4 pm – 5 pm I ♥  Kaapi: Arshiya Bose gives us the fascinating lowdown on sustainable coffee
5 pm – 5:30 pm Flour Power: An interactive talk on what goes into making healthy organic bread
5:30 – 6:00 pm Talking Dirty: Composting gurus dish on how to start treating your trash the right way


GB - WF - Walks,Rides
Timings Workshop
7 am to 9 am , All Ages Bi-Pedal Bangalore: Been thinking about taking up cycling for a while? Start today! Go for a fun Sunday morning ride with Zest Pedal community, get some expert gyaan on do and dont’s of sustainable commuting in the city.
8 am to 9 am3 pm to 4 pm If Trees Could Talk: Go on a tree walk with a difference, hear Whitefield Resident Unnikrishnan tell you stories about trees in Bangalore, help you identify native species and learn more about their role in our ecosystem.
4 pm to 5 pm Whitefield Heritage Walk : A real treat for Bangaloreans, Deepa Peck talks about the little known history of Whitefield, how the area got its name, its famous residents, its forgotten churches and its rapidly-changing geography.


In an age when we barely know who our next door neighbour is imagine a wonderful opportunity to meet people from your community who are making a difference. Come and say hello to these superheroes in your area, join them in their projects or get inspired to start your own version in your part of Bangalore. The Community Champions corner will bring waste segregation experts, sustainable mobility supporters, environmentally conscious students and other cool citizens all under one roof.
GB - WF - Community Showcase
Timings Sessions
TBA Know your Carbon Footprint: Our experts will help you analyse your everyday so you can calculate your carbon footprint and be more aware.
TBA Catch Every Drop Zone: Eco warriorVallari Shah will talk about retrofitting your home to save and reuse water most effectively
All Day Swachch Bharath Zone: Apartment Champions from our partner group Whitefield Rising and 2bins1Bag give you the 101 on waste segregation via games and interactive segments.
TBA Commute Smart Zone: Arvind Keerti talks about sustainable mobility in traffic jam plagued Whitefield
TBA Switch on The Sun Zone: A session on harnessing solar power most effectively
TBA Nature In My Backyard Corner: Neralu and Honey Bee Nature Club organize activities that will make you stop and smell the flowers this gorgeous Sunday Spring day
TBA Green Schools: A unique opportunity to meet students and teachers who are making a difference with their innovative in-school programs that are pro-environment


Learn and Play activities to engage your children and initiate them into greener living. Click here to register for Children’s Activities.
Children's Carnival
Timings Workshop
All Day, < 7 yrs old Kinetic Kiddies: An activity designed to get your kids moving, life skills training while incorporating fun and creativity in movement.
All Day, 4 months- 12 yrs Active Tots: A little gym for kids to keep them occupied and in high spirits while you check out all that The Green Bazaar 9 has to offer.
9am, 11 am, 4 pm and 5pm (Ages < 15 yrs) World in a Flower: Help your children fall in love with nature and wonder about the world around them. Free play and outdoor recreation thanks to the Honey Bees Nature Club a nature/outdoor recreation club for the entire family. 
11 am – 12 pm, Ages > 6 and < 15 Little Green Thumbs: A gardening workshop for young ones
4 pm – 5 pm, > 6 and < 15 Cooking with Monika: Monika Manchanda conducts a cooking workshop for young kids and teens
3 pm – 4:30 pm, > 10 Tetrapak Up! : Devika Krishnan teaches kids to repurpose those terrible tetrapaks into something more beautiful
TBA, < 15 yrs Drama Queens and Kings: Deepti Sharma guides children on expressing themselves through drama and speech
4 pm – 5 pm Nature’s Canvas- Sketch trees and the natural environment with charcoal and take your artwork home
3 pm – 4 pm, < 15 yrs old GQ, Green Quiz: An activity to turn those grey cells green
All Day Sidewalk Games: A gaming corner with street games for children
TBA Tales Everywhere: Storytelling session for children


Change your perspective of the world around you through art and photography exhibitions. Watch short films curated by The Alternative, and enjoy a live performance by Whitefield students of Taaqademy


The Green Bazaar will feature the best of sustainable goodies. Organic, preservative-free food, recycled and upcycled home and lifestyle products, children’s books and educational kits, handspun fabric and apparel, waste management solutions for the home, certified organic agro products, chemical-free skin and body care goodies, products for sustainable menstruation, natural products with the goodness of fruits and berries and more.
A few stalls at the Bazaar: Soul Bakers, Maduban Natural Products, Ultimate Cocos,BEAD,  Eco Femme, Chalk Boutique, Shumee, Tulika Publishers, stitched2save9, blue made green, Rista, Daily Dump, Skin Sense, Martha’s Preserves, Ashel organic bakes, Belly and Soul, Lluvia Bakery, Orchard Fresh, Cellulose Jewellery, Organic Garten, Cocosutra, Mitte Se, Tech Mali, My Sunny Balcony, Daily Dump, Black Roots, Rista Handicrafts, Skin Sense, Squiggle, Joy at work, Aromeds

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