Friday, June 12, 2015

My Child & I

We had a super Summer and our little family is now back on track with the school year commencing!

This post has been in the making for quite awhile. Quite a few friends asked recently  "So What's New(s) with the Boys", thought I should go ahead and publish this right away!


The boys take a van to-fro school. Once, I wait outside after-school.

Second-born (Seeing me at the school gate) : " Have you also joined the school?"

Mom:  "Nope!  I am here to see your class teacher. You want to come along to see her?"

Second-born : "Why? I saw her all day - So, you go and see her!"


First-born after finishing his school-work heads out to play while Second-Born & Mom are still revising Grammar lessons.

Mom: " Make sentences with these pronouns; First one- He..."

Secondborn: " He went out!"

Mom: "  I..."

Secondborn: "I want to play!!"

Mom: " You..."

Secondborn: " You are Bad!!!"

Mom (hiding smile) : " Let us stop"

Second-born  (frustrated): "  We are now doing identify the pronoun? Ok,  its US!"

Mom: " And we are Done!"


Family is watching a movie , where the Hero plays double roles.

During a duet song sequence shot at a hill station, Second-born suddenly asks "How did he get a girl-friend?"

While Mom & Dad are preparing whether to answer it to context or joke it off, 
First-born (serious tone): "Hey, its the duplicate Hero, da! "

Second-born (declares) : " Appa, you should find a duplicate of me who can write tests at school while I can go swimming!"

Dad (couldn't keep quiet) : " Swimming? You don't want to go to cool places like the Hero in the song?"

Second-born  (shocked) : " Yuck,  And dance with girls? No Appa No!"


Family is enjoying hot bajjis one rainy afternoon.

Dad (showing a bajji) : " What's the vegetable inside this one- shape looks like the stalk of a cauliflower"

Mom : "Actually its bread!"

First-born (declares) : " Dont't judge a bajji with its shape - Dig in!"

Second-born (patronizing) : " Its Ok, Appa! You now go chat with Amma"


Its 8pm and Dad who usually is home by 7ish is yet to get home.

First-born (concerned voice): " Amma, where is Appa?"

Mom : "Should be on his way home, stuck in traffic I suppose? Let's try ringing him"

Second-born (Already on the phone - Demands) : " Hello Appa! Where are you and when will you get here?"


 While playing Uno,  Mom was really truly losing to Second-born.

Second-born who wants Mom to continue playing (understanding tone)" I know its hard to keep losing, but you should try until you win. How about I deal the cards so you get 6 and I get 8? But you should do your best, OK?"


First-born accompanies Mom to borrow a kitchen gadget from a friend. Friend says she does not have it.

First-born : "Could you please recheck thoroughly (For my Tamil friends: "Konjam Nalla Paarunga).
I remember borrowing it from you before. Maybe its on the top shelf ? I could help you reach it if you want"

(We had actually borrowed it a few months ago and recently the friend disposed it. Our man delighted about his recent growth spurt, couldn't help but showing off)


At the movie theater, and dad has smuggled a chakli in the water bottle bag, but cuaght red handed and asked to collect after the show.

Firstborn (truthfulness personified): " This is why I stow my chocolate-bar in my pocket. But of course, chakli will poke"

That rounds it off folks! Looking forward to sharing more funny snippets of my fast-growing boys again!

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