Thursday, January 7, 2016

Avarekai Mela 2016 (Courtesy TOI)

Bengaluru's own flat beans fare, popularly known as 'Avarekai mela' is back. Food aficionados can head to the Food Street near Sajjan Rao Circle in south Bengaluru and tickle their tastebuds savouring a variety of items including payasam, mudde, masala idli and vada---all made of green bean.

More than 40 dishes made of beans grown by farmers of Magadi and surrounding areas will be available from January 7 to 24 between 10am and 11.30pm. The event is organized by Vasavi Condiments.

Swathi Karmakar, whose mother Geetha Shivakuma has been organizing the mela for the past 16 years, said: "Every time, we get overwhelming response. Over 200 farmers from Magadi, Kolar and nearby places work with us. Thousands of farmers' families also join hands to make it a success."

Donate books, get one free

This weekend, there is enough food for thought too. At Pustaka Parishe, visitors can donate their books and pick up another one of their choice. The exhibition will be held from January 9 to 11 at the National College Grounds, Basavangudi.

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