Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Republic Day Flower show – Lalbagh Jan 2016

Republic Day “National Flower Festival” on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of
Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel

Organized by
Department of Horticulture
The Mysore Horticulture Society

Special Attractions of the Show

At Glass House.
A Floral tribute to Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel.
On the 150th birth centenary celebrations of G.H Krumbiegel, floral designs with attractive flowers and different varieties, grown in pots an designs with attractive flowers of different varieties, grown in pots and arranged over 120 x 410 sq.ft area at the centre of Glasshouse, will captivate the visitors. A statue of Krumbiegel is placed close to the entrance of Lalbagh and the surroundings of the statue is decked with rare flowers in a captivating way. Lily, anthurium, Orchids, Calla Lily, and rare leaf plants are used.

Floral Replica of Krumbiegel’s House.
A Floral replica of the house of Krumbiegel, located in Lohmen (Near Dresden), Germany, where he spent his childhood, is created. The structure measures 30x25ft width and 25ft height. The house is being decked with over 2,60,000 flowers consisting of Petunia, Dianthus, Begonia, Geranium, Calanchu, Chrysanthemum. etc.,

Flower Trees.
Four flower trees each measuring 17ft height is on display with more than 300 poincettia flowers in different colours are used.
 Floral Heart.
Three flora hearts measuring 13,14 and 15 feet height is created using 50,000 pot grown petunia flowers.
Floral Domes.
Floral Domes of different sizes, decorated with more than 5,000 flowers comprising Petunia, Begonia, Orchids, Dianthus etc.,
Facilities and Guidelines:

Vehicle entry and parking
Public vehicles are not allowed inside lalbagh during the show
Only school buses and vehicles are allowed through Double Road Gate and can be parked at parking area near Dr.M.H.Marigowda Memorial Hall

Visitors can park vehicles at multi storey car park located at Shantinagar Bus Stand Complex.
Visitors coming from J.C.road can park vehicles at the BBMP Multi-storey car park located in J.C Road.
Parking facility for two wheelers has been arranged at ‘Al-Ameen’ college grounds located between Lalbagh Main Gate and double Road Entrance.

Vehicles can also be parked at HOPCOMPS premises near double road gate.

Cloak room
facility is available at all 4 entrances of Lalbagh
There is no food court inside Lalbagh
Mobiles and cameras can be used in all places of Lalbagh
Entry tickets are sold at all entry points (Lalbagh Main Gate, Double Road Gate, Siddapura Gate, Basavanagudi Gate – from 9am to 6pm

Normal days
on 16th,18th to 23rd and 25th January 2016
Adults : Rs.50/-
Children: Rs. 10/-
on 17th, 24th and 26th January 2016
Adults : Rs.60/-
Children: Rs. 10/-
Republic Day “National Flower Festival”
16th to 26th January 2016

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