Saturday, March 21, 2015

Smart Brains Chess Summer Camp at Ramamurthy Nagar

CHESS SUMMER CAMP at Ramamurthy Nagar Coaching Center (detailed address in attachment)

Start Date: Monday 30th March 2015. End Date: Friday 22nd May 2015.
 (But one can choose to start on any Monday between the start & end dates as given above)

Total Duration: 8 weeks (‘5 days a week’ session). Monday to Friday: Daily 2 Hours. 

Batch 1 from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. & Batch 2 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Weekly Fees Structure for flexibility as mentioned below: (This flexibility is good for people who cannot attend all 8 weeks of the Chess Coaching Camp). 

Rs.500/- off for all existing students of SBCA for all/any options below*

a) All 8 weeks = Rs.4000/- (Total 80 Hours of coaching)

b) Any 7 weeks = Rs.3750/- (Total 70 Hours of coaching) 

c) Any 6 weeks = Rs.3500/- (Total 60 Hours of coaching) 

d) Any 5 weeks = Rs.3250/- (Total 50 Hours of coaching) 

e) Any 4 weeks = Rs.3000/- (Total 40 Hours of coaching) 

f) Any 3 weeks = Rs.2500/- (Total 30 Hours of coaching) 

g) Any 2 weeks = Rs.2000/- (Total 20 Hours of coaching) 

h) Any 1 week = Rs.1500/- (Total 10 Hours of coaching)

Let’s say, one chooses any 5 weeks of coaching. So, for example, one skips the very first week and joins from the 2nd week and attends for 2 weeks and then takes a break for the next two weeks and again attends the last 3 weeks. This flexi-fees structure works great for those who are going on a vacation in-between. 

The above mentioned fees is inclusive of a one-time non-refundable enrollment fees of Rs.500/-. 

*Students already enrolled at SBCA will get Rs.500/- off on the above mentioned fees. 

Note: International Standard Staunton Chess Set is mandatory for all students. We can provide the same at an additional cost of Rs.400/- per set + The Chess Workbook at Rs.300/-. 

Our recently concluded children's tourney:

For Sanjay Nagar and NRI Layout (Kalkere Main Road) duration and fees are different. Please enquire by reply mail separately with location preference.

Contact Mr. Sandeep
Smart Brains Chess Academy
RM Nagar, Bangalore -16
+91 888 456 8811.

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